The percentage of women who pursue a career in plastic surgery is only at 17%, despite the fact that US medical schools’ percentages of women have been nearly 50% for well over ten years. The percentage is currently low, compared to other specialties like pediatrics, due to the intensive training that was involved in becoming a plastic surgeon 15 years ago. In many training programs, fulfilling the dream of becoming a plastic surgeon involved completing a 5 year general surgery residency, then a 2 year plastic surgery residency. Many female medical students may have felt that a 7 year intensive residency might preclude sustainable family life.

More recently, the number of years required to complete a plastic surgery residency has decreased to 5 years, which is still longer that most other residencies. This will help the trend of more women in plastic surgery to continue to increase.

There is also data documenting the increasing percentage of women pursuing surgical residencies .


West Orange, NJ– April 24, 2014 – Eric M. Joseph, M.D. is one of 100 doctors in the nation to receive the prestigious RealSelf 100 Award, out of more than 6,000 board certified specialists with a presence on RealSelf—the leading online community helping people make confident choices in elective cosmetic procedures. The award is granted to doctors who demonstrate outstanding commitment to patient education and helping millions of consumers get access to
reliable, expert information about cosmetic procedures,treatments and aesthetic concerns.
Dr. Joseph specializes in expert Rhinoplasty Surgery techniques for a natural, un-operated appearance. Dr. Joseph’s passion is in helping those dissatisfied with the appearance and function of their noses. He has over thirteen years of experience in Primary Rhinoplasty Surgery (Nose Job), Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery, and Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty techniques using Injectable Fillers like Silikon-1000 for permanent results.

Eric M. Joseph, M.D. is an expert contributor to RealSelf, and to date has posted nearly 2000 answers to questions on RealSelf. Each month people from all over world ask important aesthetic-related questions, such as candidacy for Rhinoplasty Surgery. Dr. Joseph also maintains a patient star rating of five out of five stars in RealSelf reviews.
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Eric M. Joseph, M.D.
Dual-board-certified ENT and Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Mant temporary Injectable fillers are associated with serious side effects like necrosis or blindness.

The above link demonstrates an unfortunate case of facial disfigurement following a large-particle injectable-gel filler treatment, similar to Restylane. She appears to be suffering from either overcorrection or a severe allergic reaction.

There are documented cases of severe complications following injection of large-particle injectable-gel fillers such as Restylane, Juvederm, and Radiesse, just to name a few. These severe complications include necrotic, dead skin and blindness. Dr. Steven Dayan , expert injector, reported at the fall meeting of the AAFPRS in 2013 that he receives several phone calls per week from American physicians dealing with necrotic dead skin following large-particle injectable-gel filler treatments. Dr. Dayan published a thoughtful protocol instructing physicians on the importance of recognition and early treatment of impending skin necrosis.

Has anyone heard of HA fillers being associated with dead skin or blindness? All cases of blindness after large-particle injectable-gel fillers have been permanent.

In our practice we prefer to use Silikon-1000, an off-label filler for permanent results. There are no reported cases of skin necrosis or blindness following microdroplet silicone facial injections. This has led to very high satisfaction for us and for our patients:

As with any surgical procedure, the experience of your surgeon is critical for achieving safe, natural-looking youthful results.

Hope this is helpful.

Some of our happiest patients have been young women, with large noses, that underwent Rhinoplasty Surgery for a smaller, more feminine nasal appearance. Patients we’ve cared for seeking Rhinoplasty Surgery have often felt dissatisfaction with their noses since their teens: Rhinoplasty Surgery may lead to a more feminine nasal appearance which in turn may yield improvement in ones confidence, self-esteem and overall sense of well-being. Our goal is to provide a natural-looking nasal appearance that allows ones nose to blend in and not call attention to itself.

In our practice, the art of creating a natural-looking nasal tip is achieved by treating the tip cartilages like the legs of a tripod. The tripod-nasal-tip, originally described by Dr. Jack Anderson, enables us to effect changes in the tip by altering the the size and shape of each leg. Each lower lateral cartilage is a leg, and the combined medial crural complex makes the third limb of the tripod.

Using an open approach, the cartilaginous and bony skeleton of the nose is widely exposed, and the lower lateral cartilages are divided. Then the medial crura are sutured together to make the central post of the tripod, and the right and left lower lateral cartilages are contoured to effect a desired change in the tip.

In the clinical presentation that follows, her medial crural post is deprojected along with the anterior portions of her lower lateral cartilages. These maneuvers result in tip deprojection, rotation and narrowing. A columellar strut is placed to add structural support to our newly reconstructed tip, and to aid in the correction of her hanging columella. Hump removal is performed with Joseph saws and a 15 blade. Medial and lateral osteotomies are performed ensuring adequate narrowing of the upper and middle thirds of her nose.

I hope this has been helpful for you. Please visit our website, for more information, or call our friendly staff at 973-325-1155 to schedule an in-depth consultation with computer imaging.

Thank you, and God bless.

Dr. Joseph


Certification by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is renewed till 2025.

After passing the Maintenance of Certification (MOC) examination, along with fulfilling all of the other requirements by the Board, I am pleased to announce that I am “board certified” in Facial Plastic Surgery till 2025. Interestingly, instead of giving me a diploma, I was issued this bronze-coated heavy medal. The diploma is an additional $250. Really? 🙂

Eric M. Joseph, M.D. recognized as a top social media contributor on RealSelf – the world’s largest consumer source for cosmetic surgery information.


West Orange, NJ – May 3, 2013 – Local physician, Eric M. Joseph, M.D. is one of 100 doctors to receive the RealSelf 100 Award, out of more than 5,000 board certified specialists. The award from RealSelf, the world’s largest consumer source for cosmetic surgery information is granted to Dr. Joseph for his commitment to ensuring millions of consumers get access to expert information about about cosmetic procedures, treatments, and aesthetic concerns.

Dr. Joseph, located in West Orange, NJ, near Short Hills, Livingston, and New York City, specializes in expert Rhinoplasty Surgery (nose job) and non-surgical facial rejuvenation with no downtime (Silikon -1000, lip augmentation, BOTOX Cosmetic, Liquid Facelift, and non-surgical rhinoplasty). Dr. Joseph is dual-board-certified in ENT and Facial Plastic Surgery; a specialist in cosmetic facial enhancement, facial plastic surgery, and expert Rhinoplasty Surgery. He is fellowship-trained in facial cosmetic surgery and is certified by the prestigious American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He has performed over 1,500 non-surgical facial rejuvenation and non-surgical rhinoplasty procedures, and has been in private practice for over 13 years.

By volunteering significant time to responding to the thousands of questions asked each month by RealSelf visitors, Dr. Josseph is helping prospective patients from all over the world make confident decisions about cosmetic surgery and medicine.  To date, Dr. Joseph has answered 1,695 questions and has received a rating of 5 out of 5 stars in RealSelf reviews.

“By routinely posting helpful answers and information for consumers, the RealSelf 100 doctors are setting the standard by which patients and physicians can engage thoughtfully on the social web without creating patient-doctor relationships,” commented RealSelf CEO Tom Seery. “We looked at our data and found that each RealSelf 100 doctor is building up a large base of fans and followers, which leads to significant inbound interest in their practices. That’s the power of social media and engagement with consumers.”

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Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery (nose-job surgery) may become necessary if you are dissatisfied with the appearance and function of your nose after undergoing prior Rhinoplasty Surgery. You may require Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery if your nose is too long or wide, if you have a large nasal hump, a droopy nasal tip, a hanging columella, or significant nasal asymmetry. Surgery may also be necessary to improve your nasal breathing.
Your Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery will be exponentially more difficult than your primary Rhinoplasty Surgery was, so the expertise of your surgeon is critical for achieving an attractive and natural-looking result. During your Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery, scar tissue may be encountered, that obscures normal tissue planes, and you will require meticulous surgical dissection. Additionally, there is usually a need to harvest nasal-septal cartilage to support your tip and reconstruct your nose, and there may be a paucity of usable nasal cartilage after your previous Rhinoplasty Surgery. Sometimes your ear cartilage may be harvested and used for successful surgical nasal rejuvenation.
Well-performed Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery can dramatically improve your self-confidence, improve your breathing, and help you look and feel your best by providing a more attractive and harmonious facial appearance.

“Could I benefit from a Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty?”

If you have visible imperfections and irregularities from previous Rhinoplasty Surgery, you may obtain significant and permanent improvement with Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty procedures utilizing Silikon-1000, an off-label filler for permanent results. Minimizing the appearance of Rhinoplasty irregularities, without additional surgery and downtime, will be most rewarding for you, if you’re an appropriate candidate. Imperfections in your bridge, tip, and nostrils are often dramatically improved during an office visit, typically with no downtime. If you have asymmetrical tip cartilages, that are bothersome after Rhinoplasty, these may be camouflaged with Silikon-1000. A pinched tip may be widened, and high nostrils may be lowered. All while avoiding Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery.

Schedule a consultation with Eric M. Joseph, M.D.

If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your previous nose job, please visit Dr. Eric M. Joseph, in West Orange, NJ (near New York City) for a consultation. His practice philosophy is to reserve Revision Rhinoplasty as a last resort, and if you’re a candidate for a Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty, you may benefit from his years of expertise using Silikon-1000 in hundreds of satisfied patients.
If you will require Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery, Dr. Eric M. Joseph is a dual-board-certified ENT and facial plastic surgeon, who is expert at performing Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery, and who has an unsurpassed number of positive reviews from his patients.

In private-practice since 1999, Dr. Joseph has performed hundreds of successful functional and cosmetic Rhinoplasty procedures, and hundreds of successful Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty procedures. During your consultation, you will receive expert advice about your nose, and what might be best for you.

Feel free to email your photos to Dr. Joseph. He would be happy to review your photos, along with a description of your concerns and what you would like to achieve, and he will be happy to share his thoughts with you about your nose.

Eric M. Joseph, M.D.
Dual-board-certified ENT and Facial Plastic Surgeon
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